maloree11 (maloree11) wrote in cena_nation,

A New CeNation?

Now, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this or not, but I have noticed a large and I mean very large lack of updates on this place over the last few months. Even myself because I've felt like it was pointless due to the inactivity. I'm not sure if anyone even still comes around here any more, but I figured I would give it a chance. It disappoints me to see a Cena LiveJournal not make it because I think if we had a right support it could really work. I just wanted to see if anyone would be interested in helping me put together a LiveJournal dedicated to John Cena? Or even more so, if anyone would be interested in having me making one?

Cena fans, if there are any on LiveJournal out there, let me know what you think!
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